Dr. J.Bheemaiah, Associate Professor, Centre for Comparative Literature, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad wrote a poem titled ‘A Bosom Friend’.

Background to the poem:  It is about a friend. I have recently written this poem with memories of my visit to Professor Jayashanker Telangana State Agricultural University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, where I happened to meet my PG classmate, the present Controller of Examinations. The way he received moved me to write the poem. The university in terms of its location which is infused with green foliage sprawled across the campus has some parallels for comparison with our University. I felt like penning one poem which can be applicable to any close friend of yours, hence this poem with description.

Dr. J.Bheemaiah


A Bosom Friend

(An Ethereal Experience)

Unpremeditated maiden visit

That happens on a cloudy day

Full of greenery is presented around

Concrete structures that shades my sight

They appeared like the eggs of birds

That rested in the nest.


Flora and fauna that resembles UoH’s

True to agro-research that is done

On sprawling campus viewed by everyone

How tremendous it is to look at

Hugging of my bosom friend, the one

Who conquered the COVID-19

Profusely proffered the warmth I never had


Successfully survived the dreaded virus

Victorious is he in any sense of the term

The second birth it could be for him, in deed

Setting aside his busier schedules in admin

Joy and alacrity that pervade his countenance

To my surprise he joins me hurriedly.


In humility he apologizes which I did not merit

Not for something wrong that went in his office

For the concern he had for me as his friend

As I awaited him right in front of the admin.


His sense got stimulated

With a message I passed on

That I was close to him in wait

He came out running just for me

It was many days since we met.


Many things we were drawn into

From the personal to the official

From the household to the universal

His chat fused with philosophy

That laced with spirituality on and off.


In search of the meaning of life

He played Dayanidhi, the protagonist

I was reminded of Bucchi Babu’s fiction

Chivaraku Migiledi by its title

A Telugu novel enriched with philosophy of life

The Indian Vedantic, a challenging terrain

We were drawn into it with all our delight.


Intermittent emotions that gripped his mind

Physical vibrations that quivered metabolism

Intangible challenges that raged in the heart

Through the chat we were cordoned off.


Antidotes he claimed to have to fight anguish

Throughout our meet that lasted immeasurable time

Humility he displayed, affection he shared

No harsh words in his informal chat

But the only heart he threw open to the world.


As a successful administrator with calibre

I rated him in my heart with no malice

Affectionate adieu with the rare moments

We bade each other after our rare meet.