As part of the Special Lecture Series, the Department of Hindi, IoE Project UoH-IoE-RC5-22-036 ‘An Outline of Tibetan Literary Sources,’ organized its 16th lecture on “Introducing Tibet and Why Tibet Matters for India” on 25/01/2024 at the Conference Hall, School of Humanities, UoH.

Three distinguished members of the 17th Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Geshe Atuk Tseten, Mr. Dhondup Tashi, and Mrs. Tsering Yangchen, delivered their lectures in Tibetan and English. Mr. Jigme Tsultrim, CRO, provided Hindi interpretation. Dr. MN Rajesh delivered the welcome address, introduced the dignitaries, and honored the guests with traditional Tibetan Khata. Dr. MN Rajesh moderated the program.

MP Tsering Yangchen provided insight into the background of the Tibetan Exile Government, focusing on the challenges faced by the Tibetan diaspora. She explained the geopolitical importance of Tibet and its connection to India’s security.

MP Geshe Atuk Tseten emphasized the cultural, religious, and historical ties between India and Tibet, highlighting the composite heritage of Buddhism and the role of religion in serving humanity.

The third speaker, MP Dhondup Tashi, delved into the intricate details of the historical and geographical ties between India and Tibet. He shared autobiographical stories of his journey from Amdo Tibet to India, discussing current regime policies that impact Tibetan cultural identities, language, education, and ecology.

The lecture concluded with an engaging discussion involving both Indian and International scholars and students of the University. Prof Gajendra Kumar Pathak chaired the program, expressing his views from literary and historical perspectives.

Members of the Tibetan society living in Hyderabad also joined the program, namely, Tenzin Tsultrim, Sweater Seller President and Tenzin Chompel.

The program was organized by Dr. Bhim Singh (PI), Dr. Arnav Keyur Anjaria (Co-PI) and Dr. Setu Kumar Verma.