The Indian Constitution is the greatest gift by Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to our Nation, said Prof. R Venkat Rao while delivering a lecture at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) on 24th October 2014. Further Prof. R. Venkat Rao who is the Vice-Chancellor of the National Law School of India University, Bengaluru stated that Dr. Ambedkar, a great National Leader of the twentieth century was an intellectual, scholar, statesman and contributed greatly in the nation building. He led a number of movements to emancipate the downtrodden masses and to secure human rights to millions of depressed classes. He has left an indelible imprint through his immense contribution in framing the Modern Constitution of India. He stands as a symbol of struggle for achieving Social Justice and Equality, added Prof. Venkat Rao.

R Venkat Rao

He further gave examples of some incidents in the life of Dr. Ambedkar which made him realize the need for Social Justice. Dr. Ambedkar had to study Sanskrit by sitting outside the classroom but he scored the highest marks in the Bombay University. In another incident he was not allowed to stay at a hotel in Baroda and that is when he thought that if a person with a doctorate degree is treated in this fashion, how will be the common man will be treated. These incidents provided the impetus for Dr. Ambedkar to work for Social Justice and Equality, Prof. Venkat Rao added.


Prof. Venkat Rao said that the Indian constitution is like a Bible and is the first in the world to make International Law. Nelson Mandela has said that he only needed the Indian constitution for reference. Prof. Rao concluding his lecture said that each of us must pledge to strive relentlessly to pursue the dreams and objectives of Dr. Ambedkar for achieving individual dignity.

Quoting Dr. Ambedkar who said Education is a means of empowerment and people should have right to decide. He further stated that we must make political democracy a social democracy which means a way of life and which recognizes liberty, fraternity, equality.

Prof. I Ramabrahmam, Registrar of UoH and Professor of Political Science introduced the speaker and Prof. E Haribabu, Pro Vice-Chancellor chaired the session.

Many students, faculty and staff attended the lecture organized by the Centre for Ambedkar Studies and coordinated by Dr. K Y Rathnam.