In the ongoing Covidian Age, classic disease narratives from Daniel Defoe through Mary Shelley to Cormac McCarthy and Stephen King have made a comeback. Explorations of the Arts and Humanities in representing and critiquing pathologies, the “sick role” and medicine, with apocalyptic, extinction, pandemic and other scenarios have also resurfaced. It is in this context that the Dept. of English puts together this Podcast eSeries.


Cultural Narratives of Epidemic: Ananthamurthy’s Samskara.
by Dilip Das

Dipak K.DasDilip K. Das teaches cultural studies at the EFL University, Hyderabad. His teaching and research specialization is body-culture studies, and he has published a number of essays on disease, gender and sexuality, and laws pertaining to the body. His latest publication is a book on the AIDS epidemic, titled Teaching AIDS: The Cultural Politics of HIV Disease in India, published by Springer in 2019.
Image: A plague doctor, a physician who treated bubonic plague – their clothing was intended to protect them from airborne diseases.

Coordinators: Anna Kurian & Pramod K Nayar