The 11th Inter-Governmental Council of IFAP held during 22-25 September, 2020, the Three-day Online Conference on “Access to Information in Time of Crisis – The UNESCO Information For All Programme Priorities and The COVID-19 Pandemic” during 26-28 August, 2020 has been mentioned number of times. The member states have particularly talked about Hyderabad Declaration. The Recommendations adopted by the Council ( under paragraph 4 of the document has appreciated the conference. The same is given below

4. Appreciates the commitment of the IFAP community to enhance the work of the Program and to respond effectively to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including by organizing important events such as the online International conference in Hyderabad entitled “Access to Information in Time of Crisis-Tackling the UNESCO Information for All Programme’s Priorities to address the COVID-19 pandemic”;

This is a big achievement for University of Hyderabad which will enthuise the efforts to setup IFAP Programme attached to the University. This will also further cement the collaboration with UNESCO.

Report of the conference can be see at the link below:

Access to Information in Time of Crisis – The UNESCO IFAP Priorities and the COVID-19 Pandemic