Arpita Prusty, who recently earned her Ph.D. in Animal Biology from the University of Hyderabad School of Life Sciences, will join the University of California at San Diego as a postdoctoral fellow. Arpita Prusty was an Indo-IUSST fellow, and she worked under the supervision of Prof. Jagan Pongubala on a collaborative project with Prof. Kees Murre at UCSD. By developing novel transgenic lines, she has illustrated the transcription dynamics of a critical transcription factor, Id3, in real-time in differentiating T cells.

Arpita Prusty

Pongubala’s lab employs multidisciplinary approaches to decipher the regulatory molecules that orchestrate the development and functioning of innate and adaptive immune cells. The majority of Pongubala’s doctoral students have gone on to work at renowned institutions such as Upenn (Ravi Boya), Yale (Anurupa Devi), and Mayo (Sameena Nikhat).

Congratulations and best wishes to Ms. Arpita Prusty