Mr. Chandan Ghorui, PMRF Senior Scholar, CSIR (Fellow) working at ACRHEM, School of Physics under the supervision of Prof. Anil Kumar Chaudhary presented a Research paper entitled “THz based Optoelectronic Characterisation and Synthesis of MgO nanoparticles for antibacterial drug applications” in the “National Conference on: Physics of Nano Device and Quantum Materials: Harnessing The Power of Small (PNDQM,2023”; Organised by Amity University Kolkata during 6-7th October, 2023 in association with the American Chemical Society Applied Nano Materials.

Chandan Ghorui

His work has been selected for the “BEST POSTER AWARD”. The selected paper will be published in IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

Congratulations and best wishes to Chandan Ghorui.