only 22 outstanding doctoral students from all over the world awarded this scholarship

Bharat Kumar Chillakuri, Ph.D scholar, School of Management Studies at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been selected for the Santander International Summer School at Universität Heidelberg, Germany. He was awarded a scholarship for the Santander International Summer School for Doctoral Students at the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH). The Scholarship covered the travelling costs, food and accommodation and the registration fees along with the cultural / field trips as well.

The theme of the Summer School was Arising Awareness: Sustainable Development of human society within the frame of planet Earth. Twenty-two outstanding doctoral students from selected universities in Asia, Europe and Latin America were invited to participate in the Santander International Summer School “ARISING AWARENESS”. The speakers included scientists, professors as well as renowned experts from other Asian, European and Latin American universities.

Universität Heidelberg is one of the oldest universities in Germany established in the year 1386. The University is known for its cutting-edge research and one of the strongest research universities in Europe. The University conducts various summer schools for the doctoral students on various themes. The Summer School helped the research scholars:

· 1. To understand the Sustainable Development goals and the apprehend differences in sustainable development of human societies related to the cultural identities within the frame of Earth resources and processes.

· 2. To understand the Earth resources and processes, the cultural identities, and the specialties in Economics, Law, Politics, and Social actions between Asia, Europe and Latin America.

· 3. Introduced the cultural identities and views, the Earth resources and processes.

· 4. To understand Sustainable Development from an interdisciplinary perceptive.

Bharat’s research work is centered around Sustainability, where he is trying to establish a link between the Sustainability and Human Resource Management, which is often termed as Sustainable Human Resource Management. Bharat is doing his research under the supervision of Prof. V. Sita, who has been a constant support and always encourages him to attend and present his research findings in International events and conferences. Bharat was invited to present his research work at the 7th German – Brazilian Symposium in October 2015 where he presented his work entitled Sustainable Human Resource Management in IT Industry. Bharat is hoping to complete his research work next year and plans to scale many more milestones.

UoH Herald congratulates Bharat on this achievement.