A 15 days’ workshop on the Bundelkhand Martial Arts was conducted by Shri Guru Bhagwandas Raikwar. He is an expert in traditional martial arts techniques or Deshi Akhara like Sword and Shield fighting, Lathi, Trishool, Spear, Farsa ,Kavar etc.. The form originated as war tactics for warriors and laid emphasis on the vigorous training of physical and mental agility. The workshop concluded with an hour long demonstration at shopping complex open premises on 15th February 2017


The form and body dynamics: This martial art form not only exercises the entire body, but also trains the peripheral awareness which is an integral part of actor’s body works. Initially the skills and techniques can be practiced and analyzed consciously. However, once the body gets habituated to the rhythm, pattern, energy, eye contact, communication, stillness, timing, impulses, etc of the movement, an actor can simply be as playful as he can be.


This form can be exploited not just as pure martial art techniques but for acting techniques as well. The challenge for an actor playing a character in a given circumstance is to incorporate all these elements while speaking his lines or doing actions. He can play a defender or an offender, where his words or dialogues replace the attacking sticks during a confrontation.


The students and faculties of the Theatre Arts Dept. S.N. School would like to thank Shri Raikwar Ji for imparting the training and practice of this art form. The beauty and strength of this traditional art form will go a long way in enriching and sustaining the world of Theatre.