DVK Vasudevan one of the well known eminent music composer, and a music teacher, who has also received many awards has recently published three books on music. DVK Vasudevan hails from the Vijaywada district. His tryst with music started when he was only three. The man is now the cultural advisor of IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology), Hyderabad as well as the music instructor of HCU (Hyderabad Central University) apart from participating in various music concerts. His fusion music troupe, Devan Drone performed at the Rajiv Gandhi National Music and Dance festival, at Goa in November 2007. Surprisingly, Devan Drone was the only music troupe from Andhra Pradesh that performed at the prestigious festival.

His scholarly works are Jeevana Vidya, Tyagaraja Swamy and Panchatantara keerthanas. These works are compiled and edited by DVK Vasudevan along with renowned Telugu Scholar and retired Professor of Telugu department of the University of Hyderabad Prof. Betavolu Ramabrahmam garu and also Renowned English Scholar, Fulbright Fellow, former Dean of Humanities and Retired Professor of English Prof. Mohan Ramanan garu.


First book Jeevana Vidya: It is a book on Human Values which is an outcome of project Sabarmati Sangeeth, started to revive forgotten favorite bhajans of our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and also teach human values. This book discusses about how we lose our character as we grow. There are twenty three chapters that deal with various values like Satyapalana, Vaakpaalana, Ahimsa, Nirbhayam, Nirmohamatam, Tyagam, Seva Nirati and so on. The Chapters discuss about the life stories of Mahatma Gandhi and relevance to the present day situation and give solutions. As know that these books as an outcome of project Sabarmati Sangeeth.

DVK Vasudevan says “Till now for the past one decade through this project, I have conducted free workshops for more than one lakh children including children of government, corporate schools, Juveniles and prisoners free of cost. Through the project we have presented more than hundred concerts started, the concert series were started in University of Hyderabad by then Pro VC Prof Kannan.”


The second and third book Tyagaraja Swamy and Pancharatna Keerthanas (Telugu and English Versions). These books are the need of the hour in the context of Tyagaraja Pancharatna Keerthanas as they are called GEMS of Carnatic Music. These books contain word to word meaning and jest of the keertanana and contextual notes along with Notations with Sahityam or Lyrics. These books are now the state of the art works in Tyagaraja Pancharatna Keertanas.

All these books are published by Sri Raghavendra Publishers with ISBN No JEEVANA VIDYA – ISBN: 978-93-86040-56-5

Tyagaraja Pancharatna Keerthanalu (Telugu version) – ISBN: 978-93-86040-57-2
Tyagaraja Pancharatna Keerthanalu (English Version) – ISBN: 978-93-86040-62-6

-By Jaagrithi D, Department of Communication