With the aim of raising the awareness on Mental health, the School of Medical Sciences and Dean, Students Welfare jointly organized an invited talk by Dr. D. Naveen Kumar, MD, DM, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, ESIC Medical College and Super Specialty Hospital who  is an expert in addiction Psychiatry. The lecture was held at Auditorium, College for Integrated Studies. The meeting was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. BJ Rao and the Guest of Honor was Shri Rajiv Trivediji, IPS, Retd.

In the welcome address Prof. Geeta Vemuganti, Dean, School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) emphasizes the importance of Mental Health and the rising problems of addiction across all ages and all countries. She also expressed the need for a team work to tackle this problem which affects not just health but the psychosocial life of the individual and the family. The Dean thanked the Guest of Honor and the speaker for their prompt acceptance to deliver the lecture. And the Vice-Chancellor welcomed the Guest of Honor and the speaker and highlighted how important it is to discuss the matter openly.  He also thanked the School for organising such programmes and specifically the choice of the speaker and the Guest of Honor.  He appreciated that the combination of both speakers was perfect as Shri. Rajiv Trivedi contribution to the externally aspects of drug and substance abuse while Dr. D. Naveen’s talk would highlight the internally aspects of addiction and how important it is to understand both the experts. The highly decorated Shri Rajiv Trivedi IPS, was introduced by the Dean who shared the rich experience he had including the Zonal officer of Narcotics division in Jodphur wherein he made a huge difference to the functioning. He also narrated that. In every posting of his he made significant contributions right from the time he joined service in 1998 to his retirement as Director General of Police in 2021. During his illustrious career he served and led various divisions e.g. DG Prisons & Correctional Services, Narcotics Division, Jodhpur, Principal Secretary. The Home Department, Director General of Vigilance and Enforcement, Government of Telangana etc., and made significant contributions to each section.

In addition to receiving several medals during his career he is a well-known swimmer and created history by becoming the most senior and fastest man to swim across Palk Strait in 2011.  He then presented a talk wherein he discussed about various substance available in the market the supply of chain etc.

He also highlighted about different types of substances available, where they are grown, how they are ciculated, crimes related to narcotics, narco money, and various other socio, sociological economic burden to the society. He also highlighted that the law enforcement NDPS Act as per Section 23 any person who engages in illegal import/export/ trans-shipment of narcotic drugs / pyschotropic substances shall have to face punishment ranging between rigorous imprisonment for 1 to 20 years and fine upto Rs.10,000 to Rs.2 lakh based on the quantity of the prohibited substances.  The law is the most stringent law in our country and quoted highly educated students landing in jail due to this crime which is the most unfortunate thing Dr. D. Naveen Kumar talked about the addiction and the neural basis of addiction and substantial abuse. He explained the risk a human being faces right from the womb to all ages. He explained how the indiividual gets into the susbtance use, gradually increases the dose and tolerance, funds exuse to use it, becomes dependant and finally can perform only with the use of the drugs and addiction. The addiction in the user continuously seeks the reward and the body thus goes into the downward spiral. The severity of the affects depends on the type of subsbtance and the usage. Recent evidence points that there is a difference in the way the both genders deal with substance abuse and that the genetic poly-morphism makes people sucespitble to to addiction.  He emphasised the focusing on” getting high” with good things in life rather than getting high drugs that leads to physical, social, emotional, quality of life and finally leading to reduction of productivity of the individual society and country at large.

And then it was followed by the comments made by the DSW was expressed his gratitude to both the speakers and how relevant it was to the current situation especially post pandemic. He also recommended that it would be a good idea to have  series of such sessions and panel discussions in future.This was followed by Vote of thanks by Dr. G Padmaja wherein she thanked both Speakers, Vice-Chancellor, Dean School of Medical Sciences and staff, students, CIS Director and Associate Director, Staff and all the participants for their contributions.