Bridging stories, a presentation by UoH students (IMA) on their experiences about the bootcamp they attended in Bulgaria took place at the Friends Tea House in the OIA building on 21st August. Under the Project Harmony, supported by Erasmus+ of EU, three students of UoH: Sanjeevini N, Mohammed Naseeh Kozhithodi and V Lasya Priya were selected based on a digital storytelling competition. They attended a three-week boot camp at Varna University of Management (VUM) campus in Dobrich, Bulgaria (around 20 students from 7 universities from India, Bangladesh and Vietnam participated in the boot camp). The venue of the presentation was the Friends Tea house, a facility created at OIA building, UoH, to achieve internationalization at home.



The project team has kicked off the programs in this tea house with the presentation and photo exhibition about the boot camp. Indian and International students attended this program wherein the boot camp students shared their experiences, lessons learnt and a photo collection from the boot camp.



The student participants (of the boot camp) explained in detail their exposure to various modules on event management, inter-cultural communications and leadership and their participation in an inter-cultural festival involving local communities in the city of Dobrich. The presentation ended with an interactive session discussing various aspects of cultural diversity, inter-cultural communication, and student’s experiences and so on. The interactive session was also attended by UoH HARMONY team Members Prof. N.  Siva Kumar (Project Lead and Dean, School of Life Sciences) and other members – Prof. Vinod Pavarala, Prof Aparna Rayaprol, Dr. S. Shaji and Prof. Vasuki Belavadi, the Dean of S N School of Communications and Performing Arts.