The Centre for Comparative Literature (CCL) at the University of Hyderabad organised a panel discussion on the topic ‘Crossing Borders: Language, Translation and Disciplinary Questions’ on 26th November at 3 p.m. The discussion that took place in Google Meet was attended by around 100 participants. Sowmya Dechamma, Professor at CCL moderated the session. Jomina George, a second-year MA Comparative Literature student introduced the speakers — ShivaraamaPadikkal, Professor at Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies (CALTS), Sheela Prasad, Professor at the Centre for Regional Studies (CRS), and Suneetha Rani, Professor at Centre for Women’s Studies (CWS).

Prof. ShivaraamaPadikkal explained the inter-disciplinary nature of translation with the help of some books and research papers. This included ‘Siting Translation’ and ‘Feminism and Translation in India’ by Tejaswini Niranjana, ‘Gender in Translation’ by Sherry Simon, ‘The Location of Culture’ by Homi. K.Bhabha, Eco-translation’ by Michael Cronin among others. He emphasized the fact that language is the core of all disciplines. He said, “The question of translation is a question of representation.”

Prof. Sheela Prasad briefed on three concepts — inter-disciplinarity, ethnography, and translation and language. She urged for the need for critical reflection in relation to fieldwork. Taking the example of the Dakhani language, she encouraged everybody to be sensitive to the regional differences in one language.

Prof. Suneetha Rani, who was previously a faculty at the School of Humanities and currently working at the School of Social Sciences raised the question, “Is interdisciplinary in-between-ness?” She drew everybody’s attention to multiple mediations that a text undergoes. She said that translation is not just translating from one language to another buttranslation is research. Emphasizing the larger role of translators, she said, “You have to be one with the text, field, and experience.”

Dickens Leonard, guest faculty at CCL moderated the discussion that followed. Later, the panelists addressed the questions raised by the students in the Q&A session. Narghese Hussair, a second-year MA student delivered the vote of thanks.

The speakers hailed CCL for regularly providing platforms for collaboration among departments.

Contributed by Nimisha S Pradeep, Department of Communication