Dr Mari Annadhasan, a Post-doctoral fellow in the School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad (UoH) and part of the research group of Prof. R. Chandrasekar has published two back-to-back research articles in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. This prestigious journal, published by Wiley-VCH has an impact factor of 12.257. One of the articles has been rated as VERY IMPORTANT (Top 10%) by the reviewers. These proof-of-principle articles demonstrate the micromanipulation of flexible micro-crystal optical waveguides using Atomic Force Microscopy and fabrication of micro-scale Directional Optical Coupler for splitting the input optical signal into two.

Dr Mari Annadhasan

Dr. Annadhsan has been working in the area of “Mechano-Photonics”- a new research field recently created in the research group of Prof. R. Chandrasekar. He has published a total of 10 papers during his post-doctoral stay at UoH, and of late he won the “Royal Society of Chemistry -Best Oral Presenation Award” during ChemFest 2020. He also spent a month at Quantum Electronics Division of Moscow State University, Russia as part of DST-RSF project.

The articles can be accessed at the following links: