Prof. Ramesh Mishra, Head, Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences and Dr. Seema Prasad will be organising a symposium titled “Cognition in the “real-world”: How, Why and What next?” as part of the annual meeting of  Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) to be held at University College, London in January 2023. The symposium will bring together an international group of researchers who have demonstrated expertise in bringing real-world approaches to the study of fundamental questions in cognition. The different talks will examine the notion of ecological validity, and why it matters and demonstrate the utility of conducting naturalistic experiments across domains such as attention and reading.

Dr. Seema Prasad

The symposium proposal was selected for the award as part of the 2023 Psychonomic Society Collaborative Symposium. This initiative by the Psychonomic Society (PS) aims to strengthen partnerships between PS and other international societies. As part of the award, the symposium organisers will receive up to $5,000 USD for expenses relating to the collaborative symposium.

Dr. Seema Prasad is a former PhD student at Action Control and Cognition Lab, Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences. She is currently a Humboldt postdoctoral fellow at TU Dresden.