Coherence is an annual event conducted jointly by Junior Science Club (JSC) and Shape Your Thought (SYT). It is an event of presentation of papers by students of the integrated masters and masters level on fields and topics of research during their summer internships. Coherence 2019 took place on 11th and 12th October, 2019, in CIS Auditorium, University of Hyderabad.

Day 1: Coherence 2019 got off the mark, with an inaugural address by Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee, School of Life Sciences, with CIS Director Prof. Sanjay Subodh and CIS Associate Director Prof. Krishnaveni Mishra in attendance. There was a documentary screening with which the first session concluded. The next session continued with the day closing at 7:00 pm with an interesting range of presentations by a diverse range of students.

Day 2: The day started off with the keynote address by Prof. K.S. Krishna, Head, Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, titled “The Ocean Floor: Record of the Earth’s Past Geographical History”,which addressed the evolution of the ocean floor,with special reference to the role of measuring the Earth’s magnetic field to determine the chronology of the ocean floor. The talk was extremely informative and raised interesting questions amongst the audience. This was succeeded by the presentations on schedule.

The audience then proceeded to disperse for lunch.Post-lunch, the event proceeded with an interactive session devoted to camp diaries, with a paper presentation by an I.M.Sc. student inserted in between. The multitude of camp diaries drew a good deal of attention from the juniors especially, with the experiences of their seniors being informative. Next, there was the final session of the day. This was succeeded by the cultural programme, a musical performance by the trio of Albin James, Achuthan Manoj, and Devadhathan. 

The valedictory session began with a talk by Prof. Arun Agarwal, Pro Vice Chancellor 1 and Dean-in-charge, School of Mathematics and Statistics, on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The certificates for the winners of Coherence were also given away by him. Ananya Dash, D.S.V.R. Anurag and R.K. Rupesh finished on the podium in that order in Coherence 2019. He also gave away certificates to winners of the Pre-Coherence 2019. Certificates were also givenaway to the participants and the coordinators by Dr P. Chiranjeevi, School of Mathematics and Statistics and Dr S Ilangovan, School of Mathematics and Statistics, who is also a Faculty Coordinator, JSC.

Coherence 2019 thus concluded on a high note with a dissemination of knowledge and experience taking place with everyone concerned having a great experience.