Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences (CNCS), School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad hosted an online lecture by Prof. Joshua Greene, Department of Psychology, Harvard University on “Collective and Individual Intelligence: Looking for key ingredients” on 6th July, 2020. This talk was part of an online distinguished speaker series initiated by Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences under the banner of “CogTalk”. It is an interdisciplinary platform for lectures/interactive sessions by distinguished speakers related to mind and brain sciences. The objective is to engage students, researchers, faculty in cognitive science and spread awareness of research areas which are asking innovative questions and using truly interdisciplinary ideas/methods to answer these questions.

Prof. Joshua Greene

Prof. Greene’s talk touched upon his work on the dual-process model of moral judgements and how our social/moral instincts along with our capability for understanding and generating complex ideas has led to significant progress in the evolution of our species. The talk was followed by a lively conversation with Prof. Mishra where issues such as the morality of wearing masks during the pandemic, the cause of bitter divide in politics in the US and elsewhere and how studying morality can be used to build bridges were discussed. The audience Q and A also contained several thought-provoking questions.

Prof. Ramesh Mishra

This talk was the first instalment of the series of which Seema Prasad, PhD student at CNCS, was the student coordinator. This interdisciplinary initiative is also part of the ongoing iBrain Erasmus+ multi-institutional project on capacity building in higher education of which Prof. Ramesh Mishra is one of the coordinators.