The Department of Sanskrit Studies is proud to share the news that Mr. P.Sanjeev Panchal, a Research Scholar and Prof.Amba P.Kulkarni, Head of the department, participated in the 17th World Sanskrit Conference (, which was held from 9 – 13 July 2018, Vancouver BC, Canada. More than 600 eminent Sanskrit scholars and educators had participated from over 40 countries in this triennial event. Five hundred leading Sanskrit scholars from around the world presented their research findings on a wide array of topics within the discipline of Sanskrit studies. These presentations were organized into 24 distinct Conference Sections and 21 Special Panels ranging from the Vedas to Computational Sanskrit and Digital Humanities.

Amba Kulkarni was the co -convenor, along with Gerard Huet (Emeritus Professor, Inria, Paris), of the section on ‘Computational Sanskrit and Digital Humanities’, in which 14 papers were presented. Sanjeev Panchal and Amba Kulkarni presented a paper titled “Yogyata as an absence of non-congruity”. The peer-reviewed proceedings of the section was released during the Banquet on the final day of the conference. Amba Kulkarni and Gerard Huet had also organised a panel on ‘Sanskrit Corpus Management’. Sanjeev Panchal and Amba Kulkarni also organised a workshop on “Sanskrit Computational Linguistics tools” during the conference in which several researchers presented their computational tools.

-Contributed by Sudarshan Reddy