University of Hyderabad’s CNF has been conferred the prestigious Cybersecurity Leadership Award by the Digital Terminal.

Continuing the mission to acknowledge individuals’/industry leaders for their contribution towards building a safe digital journey, Digital Terminal honoured the top-performing IT leaders for their praiseworthy initiatives towards cybersecurity. The Publication hosted DT Cybersecurity Leadership Awards 2021 during the virtual DT Conclave 2021 event where this award was announced.

The winners were decided by DT’s own evaluation, editors and Jury Members. From among several nominees, those who did a great job for their organization in the field of cybersecurity were selected The winners were handed over a trophy and digital certificate.

Prof Appa Rao Podile, Vice Chancellor, offered his congratulations to Dr Sanjay Sharma and his team at the CNF and said, “We at the University of Hyderabad have to work towards a more robust digital ecosystem since online education, services and administration now seems to be a standard part of our lives.”