If you feel anxious, practice what is the most positive helpful relaxing technique for you.

  1. For example, Practice breathing slowly for a few minutes
  2. As you do this, try and distance the thoughts that make you anxious. Replace those anxious thoughts by thinking of things that make you feel calm and serene. Slow down the agitation
  3. When feeling angry and irritated try to replace it with emotion that opposes it and helps in calming your mind. Use techniques that can help you – simple ones such as counting back from 10 to 1, and ways of cognitively distracting yourself
  4. When fear grips you, try to introspect on the following:
  • What is under my control?
  • What is the possibility that the worst can happen?
  • What did I do to come out of my fear when I was severely stressed on earlier occasions?
  • What are the things I can do to keep myself positive?
  1. Feeling lonely or sad is also quite common.
  • Stay connected with others
  • Connect with family and friends who can bring cheer back
  • Call up people whom you haven’t spoken to for some time and give a pleasant surprise
  • Talk mutually about happy events, common interests, exchange and share your likes with friends and well-wishers
  1. When emotions persist continuously despite your trying to get out of it, talk to the University counsellors

If the feelings worsen, feel helpless, hopeless and sad or distressed call them on the following numbers:

Dr. Hymavathi – 9515667087

Mr. Subhash –    8008477643

If you happen to get infected with Corona, remember most people get better. Do not panic. Seek professional care immediately, practice self-isolation and take medications that are advised