During this COVID-19 pandemic, having to remain in isolation is causing worry and distress to many. Some of the worries often noted are:

  • Worry about self and family
  • Fear of illness
  • Stress regarding interrupted academics
  • Uncertainty of future
  • Physical isolation and distancing
  • Prolonged closure of academic spaces, university, entertainment and sports activities 
  • Feelings of loneliness

Some behavioral manifestations are:

  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Anxiety and feelings of loneliness
  • Inattention and sleep disturbances
  • Anger outbursts
  • Emotional eating/disordered eating (excess eating to cope up)
  • Increased social media use 
  • Feeling numb and suffering from low motivation.
  • Experiments with high-risk behaviors, such as gambling, sexting, watching pornography etc
  • Behavioral and emotional disorders due to spending long screen hours



  • Awareness gained from authentic sources 

The more we are aware about how we can take care of ourselves, the less susceptible we will be.

Adopting are some of the self-regulatory behaviors

  • Follow systematic routine of eating, sleeping and exercising
  • Stay connected with friends and family.(Virtually)
  • Talk to family, trusted friends, and well-wishers, if you feel any mood swings sudden sleep changes etc
  • Be creative and spend time on productive tasks
  • Focus on self-compassion and learn coping strategies
  • If at home, get involved in household work and connect with your parents/family members
  • Limit screen time. Select offline and no screen activities

Psychological Counselling Services at UOH

In case of any need felt for psychological support, student may contact by email/ text/Whatsapp/call the following professional Psychological Counsellors 

  • Dr. Hymavathi – 9515667087/040 2313 1002 (Female counsellor); Suite – 3

email: psychologicalcounselor@uohyd.ac.in

  • Mr. Subhash    – 8008477643/ 040 2313 1003 (Male counsellor); Suite -4

email: psychologicalcounselor-2@uohyd.ac.in