Deekshith Kalali, PhD student in the School of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST) University of Hyderabad (UoH) working under the supervision of Prof. Koteswararao V. Rajulapati, attended an international conference titled “Seventh International Indentation Workshop (IIW7)” held at the University of Hyderabad, India and received the “best oral presentation award”.

Deekshith gave an oral presentation on the research topic, “High-speed instrumented indentation testing to correlate the micromechanical properties with microchemical segregation of novel refractory medium- entropy alloys”, in which he developed a simple framework to study the effect of microchemical segregation on the micromechanical properties of equiatomic refractory MoNb and MoNbTi alloys, which can be gainfully used to tailor the microstructure and properties of these alloys. A part of his research efforts can be found in the following publications:

D.G. Kalali et al., International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 118 (2024) 106487.

D.G. Kalali et al., Journal of Materials Research, 38 (2023) 2919-2929.

D.G. Kalali et al., Materials Letters, 324 (2022) 132768.

D.G. Kalali et al., Materials Science and Engineering A, 812 (2021) 141098.

Deekshith is immensely grateful to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. B. J. Rao; Dean-SEST, Prof. Jai Prakash Gautam; Institution of Eminence program and organizers of the IIW7 workshop for all the kind support that enabled him to interact with the world’s best minds in the workshop working in his research area.