A delegation from the Western University, Ontario (WUO), Canada comprising Dr. Alan Shepard, Vice-Chancellor; Dr. Kenneth S. Coley; Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Dr. Lily Cho, Associate Vice-President and Vice-Provost (International) visited the University of Hyderabad on 22nd August 2023 through the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI).  They interacted with the Vice-Chancellor of UoH, Prof. B J Rao and other academicians. The objective of this delegation’s visit is to explore collaboration opportunities and new strategic partnerships in the areas of mutual interest.
Prof. B J Rao gave a brief on the research and technical strengths of UoH and felt that the Office of International Affairs must synergise SICI, WUO and UoH for mobility of faculty, students and research related collaborations. Dr. Alan Shepard spoke on the research-intensive approach of WUO which was established in 1878 and is ranked 114 in QS World Rankings 2024. WUO has contributed to World’s first surgical treatment for brain aneurysms and also the first chemotherapy drug, ‘Vinblastine’. WUO has the second largest international group of Indian students on their campus representing 12.4% of the current international students enrolled.
Prof.Chetan Srivastava, Director, Office for International Affairs, University of Hyderabad, gave an overview of the Internationalization at University of Hyderabad. Prof.Srivastava, emphasized on how the University  not only as a part of NEP 2020’s Internationalisation, but also how the University did follow the internationalisation since its inception, so as to reach out to the global education hubs, which is in line with the Indian philosophy. Prof.Srivastava said that the Office for the International Affairs is acting as the connecting, networking and catalysing which will take this further by working for the collaboration, exchanges and MoUs.
Prof.Srivastava, further added that the Office for  International Affairs will be working in tandem with the International Office of Western University to facilitate the beginning of collaboration by starting short term exchange programmes for students based on the mutual interest and operational feasibility.
The visit was coordinated by the Office of International Affairs represented by Prof. Chetan Srivastava, Director and Prof. Alok K Mishra, Associate Director.