A book titled “Democracy, Development and Tribes in India Reality & Rhetoric” by Dr. Ramdas Rupavath, faculty in the Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad has been published by Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi. This book has been published in two volumes. The first volume was released in 2015 and the second volume has been released in 2023.


About the Book:
This book is putting together various issues from different states in India. The Tribal communities in India represent different levels of the deprivation in a larger, regional, and globalized world. This book aims to place the concept of democracy, development in the tribal context. This volume basically focuses to understand contemporary tribal societies which require a basic appreciation of the historical processes which have been determined the course of successive changes in economic, social cultural, ideological and political life of the tribes. Indian state and governments are talked about as models of federalism in a large and multinational society, ensuring rights of ethnic and religious groups in a truly pluralistic society, and striving for social justice in a society marked by social hierarchies for a long time. However, the democratic experiment has significant challenges, namely that of ensuring inclusive development. Economic equality, social justice, cultural pluralism, human rights, dignity and security are all important aspects of development which have been consolidated and expanded through the existing structure of participatory democracy. But this has not always been an easy task. Indian democracy has been intensively analysed, debated and criticized for a long time. However, democracy is not only just an elections and government formation process; it is more about values, habits of thoughts and practices, democracy need not electoral but replacement with social justice. Through democratic method existing unequal social, economic and political justice situation can be removed. The tribal’s are most affected people in such democratic set up with developmental approach. The new tribal politics will be based on two things the resource politics of the Adivasis and survival politics of the informal sector. This book will be of interest to students and Scholars of Democracy and Development studies, Political Science, Anthropology etc.



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