The second volume of a book titled “Democracy, Governance and Tribes in the Age of Globalised India by Dr. Ramdas Rupavath, Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been published by Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi. The first volume was released in 2015 and the second volume released in 2023.

Dr. Ramdas Rupavath

About the Book:

The book revisits the concepts of “the new politics of welfare” and “Adivasi and Indigenous livelihoods”, situating the existing body of knowledge of these subjects within the context of state policy and the socio-cultural developments witnessed in India after independence, Since India’s independence, the major challenge before the State has been how to provide employment to the vast amount of unskilled labour in rural areas. In order to examine the functioning of institutions India. The book assesses the act’s impact on, and drawbacks regarding, the socio-economic condition of the Indigenous people, evaluating the constraints faced by the functionaries in implementing the welfare schemes. Its findings point out the inefficiency and rampant corruption involved in the implementation of the welfare programmes over the years. The book will serve to contribute to raising awareness on the part of the targeted groups and, above all, to showing officials the importance of transparency and responsible governance for the effective implementation of this schemes. India needs to develop its own pro-active measures to cultivate a democracy of the oppressed, in order to combat the current tyranny of the majority which prevails in the country. Its findings also provide new data showing that large-scale welfare policy represents an important tool of violent conflict in India.

This book will be of interest to students and Scholars of Democracy and Development studies, Political Science, Anthropology, and Sociology.

Prof. Ramdas Rupavath, teaches at the Department Political Science, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad. His areas of specialization include Indian political processes, democracy, development, tribal politics, education and politics, pluralism and politics of accommodation and comparative politics in indigenous societies. He did his MA, MPhil and PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has published more than books and number of articles in national and international journals.

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