Mahesh Admankar, Risk Analyst, HSBC, Bangalore and former student of the School of Economics at the University of Hyderabad shares his experiences on life and at the University for UoH Herald

I was a last bench student in my school days and could never concentrate on my studies. Both my parents are illiterate. Their entire life is a struggle for earning daily bread. I was joined in a government school by my parents despite my lack of sociocultural capital and financial predicaments. I witnessed my classmates migrating to Gulf for livelihood and their untimely marriages. My school teachers identified and ignited my interest in studies. They made me to think clearly and showed way to joining AP Government Residential College where my desire for studies was enriched in a systematic way.

My association with Nizam College for BA was a great step as I happened to travel to Hyderabad first time alone. However I came to know very soon that it is a place where there was no helping hand for people like me. Consequently I had to find some work to survive in the city. I also realized that it was very difficult to manage both work and study. That’s when I heard about the 5-Year IMA program at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) or HCU as its popularly known in Hyderabad from one of my friends.

I don’t have words to narrate my happiness the moment I got admission into UoH. In fact HCU is the place where I entered the ensconce zone to enjoy freedom and studies. Like any other rural student I also had to undergo uncertainty and fear due to my vernacular academic background and an entirely cosmopolitan environment. This was the time when I came across the writings of Dr. Ambedkar, Shri Mahatma Phule, Shri S R Sankaran, Retd. IAS, Prof. Jayashankar and Dr. K. Balagopal, who had to undergo much tougher phases in their life. They continued to inspire and educate me throughout my life.

IMA program is a boon to every rural student but we need make use of it. One great part of the School of Economics (SoE) is its emphasis on different schools of thought in Economics and theoretical and quantitative training it gives to its students. HCU rendered me with valuable teachers, especially from Economics and Social Sciences, who gave me strength with full of love in the most difficult days of my life.


I would like to thank all my teachers, friends, my parents and my brothers, who had to quit their studies to run the family and provide me an opportunity to continue my studies.

I am now associated with HSBC not only because of my grades but with a sense of sincerity, integrity and impulse for being a symbol of achievement. I strongly feel that society is unequal and we don’t have equal access to opportunities. Hence we have to work more. I don’t hesitate to say to my dear friends, especially rural students who come to HCU with full of ambitions that you are capable enough of making history…Can I say why? It’s me, Mahesh having fallen down so many times could able to start a good beginning with HSBC….you all are quite better to do more than me.

“A Tortoise can tell more about the way than the Hare”. So be passionate and don’t look back HCU is the best place to sculpt your ideas into reality, let there not be any end for success of true-history makers.

Do not judge me by my Success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”  –  Nelson Mandela