Dr. Narender, an alumnus of University of Hyderabad, who completed M.Sc. Animal Biotechnology (2013-2015) and later PhD in Animal Sciences (2015-2020) from Department of Animal Biology, School of Life Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Aparna Dutta Gupta has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology at University of Delhi (An Institution of Eminence).

Dr. Narender

Earlier, Naren worked as Assistant Professor at Central University of Punjab in the Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine (2020-2022).

Dr. Narender was born at Hisar, Haryana. He obtained his B.Sc., Biotechnology from Govt. P.G. College, Hisar and joined for M.Sc. Animal Biotechnology at University of Hyderabad. He started his research work under Prof. Aparna Dutta Gupta in the summer of 2015. In his PhD work, he documented de novo transcriptome assembly of Cry toxin susceptible and tolerant Achaea janata larval population (Dhania et al., 2019; Scientific Data), gene expression profiling during sublethal Cry toxin exposure (Dhania et al., 2019; Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology-Part D). His research findings demonstrate several physiological and molecular changes in the larval forms of castor semilooper upon continuous sublethal exposure of Bt based biopesticide. His major research prove that Bt formulation was not only associated with the epithelial damage but also with stem cell proliferation. These findings have important implications for understanding long term impact of biopesticide on insect population, while using this selective pest management strategy in the field.