Dr. Prasad Tammineni, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Biology at the School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad, has been awarded the DBT-Wellcome Trust India Alliance Intermediate Fellowship under basic biomedical research category. This grant of 3.5 crores, will support his laboratory’s research for the next five years and help in investigating neuronal mechanisms involved in repairing damaged lysosomes.

Dr. Prasad Tammineni

Lysosomes serve as cellular recycling centers, housing digestive enzymes that break down cellular waste to maintain cell health. It is crucial to wall off lysosomal enzymes within a membrane to prevent harm to other cell components. Given the association of leaky lysosomes with aging and age-related neurological disorders, the Tammineni lab aims to explore constant vigilance mechanisms for repairing breaches in lysosomal membranes. Their research, utilizing laboratory-grown cells and mouse models, seeks to comprehend the causal relationship between this repair process and the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s and other related neurological disorders.

Reference: https://www.indiaalliance.org/recently-recommended-awardees