Dr. Rajasekhar K V, Director, Physical Education Department, University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been invited to publish an article in the International Journal “Medical Research and clinical case studies”. This has been based on the previous highly cited publication of Dr. Rajasekhar titled “Elite Running Performances: The Result of Genetics, Epigenetics and Nurture” which was published in MOJ Sports Medicine an international Sports medicine journal.

About Dr. Rajasekhar:

Dr. Rajasekhar was invited to be a Review Board Member for International Journal for Health, Wellness and Society, a Global Health and Wellness Journal of USA

He was also invited as a speaker and Chair at Bond University, Australia (10th International Scientific forum, by European Scientific Journal) and invited to make a proposal for invited/plenary session at Annual congress of European College of Sports Sciences (ECSS), Prague 2019 by ECSS