Dr. Shree Deepa, Associate Professor at the Centre for English Language Studies, University of Hyderabad will present 3 research papers at the prestigious International Conference Language Policy Forum 2023, hosted by the Linguistics Department at SOAS, University of London (14-17 June, 2023) and the MATSDA-Bilingual International School conference: “Materials for Testing” in Rufina (FI), Italy (21– 22 June, 2023).

Dr. Shree Deepa

The paper, titled “Practices in Indian signages: The four-pronged linguistic jugaad model” that will be presented at the SOAS conference critically examines signages in India written in two or more languages collected from a range of linguistic landscapes and locations. The prevalent Jugaad culture, in this context, is explicitly reflected in the enmeshing of languages in the signages.

Two other papers titled “Enabling and Evaluating Language Potentiality: Learnings from an Anthrogogic Course” and “Learning to Assess Language Potentiality through student feedback: A case study” critique pedagogic practices in a parallel course in an anthrogogic context and go on to examine the attempts made in an mainstream higher education (mHE)-anthrogogic course that enabled and tested language potentiality with an objective to build the verbal disposition of students.

Dr. Deepa hopes that the papers will be accepted cordially by the global academic community and contribute meaningfully in advancing the academic conversation in the domains of Linguistics and English Language Teaching (ELT).

-Contributed by Sayantan Lahiri, Research Intern, IoE Project