A delegation of five members from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in India visited the Office for International Affairs, University of Hyderabad, on 8th December 2023 which included Mr. Yang Xiuhua, the Education Counsellor, Mr. Fu Xianfeng, First Secretary, Education Section and three other members.

This visit was coordinated by Prof. Chetan Srivastava, Director, Office for International Affairs, University of Hyderabad. He extended a warm welcome to the delegation by wishing them on the auspicious occasion of Bodhi Day, the day of enlightenment of Gautam Budhha and spoke on the Indian roots of Buddhism, which is the major religion of People’s Republic of China. He also made a reference to the visit of Faxien (Fa-Hien), the first Chinese traveler to visit India in the early fifth century to look for texts sacred to Buddhism and the visit of Hiuen Tsang or Xuanzang, a Buddhist monk, scholar and traveler who is said to have visited Nalanda University in the 7th century.

Prof.Chetan Srivastava also emphasized on the significance of promoting mobility and fostering exchanges among students, faculty, and staff from China and India to enhance relations in the higher education sector.  He also spoke about the significance of the phrase. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” translating to “The World is one family” and ” “Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu” which emphasizes a global perspective for the collective well-being of all.

Prof.Srivastava, also spoke on Internationalization at University of Hyderabad. Prof. Alok Kumar Mishra, Associate Director, Office for International Affairs, greeted the delegates and made a brief presentation about the University of Hyderabad and its academic programs during their campus visit. He spoke on varied avenues of collaboration between University of Hyderabad and Chinese Universities.

Mr. Xiuhua emphasized the significance of bolstering the China-India relationship by fostering student exchanges and extending government-sponsored scholarships to support Indian students pursuing education in China. He informed that last year, six Chancellors from various Indian universities were invited to Shanghai, where they demonstrated collaboration efforts to strengthen bilateral ties. He also conveyed his enthusiasm for hosting approximately 10 students in Shanghai to contribute to the advancement of the China-India higher education sector. Notably, these initiatives included a seminar organized by the Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Higher Education which were implemented post-COVID-19.

Second half of the visit consisted of taking a campus tour at University of Hyderabad.