In line with the activities planned under the overarching MoU between the institutions and subsequent to the visit of the VC, Registrar & Faculty of the School of Medical Sciences visiting ESI-MCH Sanatnagar earlier, 1 full day CME was organized at ESI-MCH, Sanatnagar for the benefit of students & scholars and faculty of both institutions on 30th September 2022. The theme was on translational research and titles as “Bench to Bedside to Brass tacks Research – opportunities and challenges and credited by the TSMC.

Dr. M. Radhika, Medical Superintendent and In-charge Dean, ESIC Medical College and Hospital, delivered the welcome address. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad attended the inauguration of the meeting through online webex meeting and conveyed his appreciation and profound gratitude for getting this very important event organized at short notice following his visit.

The first session on “What’s new in Research and Management of Infectious Diseases” had Dr. G.V.S. Murthy, Director, IIPH-PHFI Hyderabad, discussing the lessons and learning from COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Vinay K. Nandicoori, Director CCMB, presented his views on TB-the lurking enemy. This was followed by Prof. Sharmistha Banerjee’s deliberation on the latest developments in HIV, and Prof. Arun K’s talk on what’s new in Malaria.

The second session shifted the focus to the “Emerging Pandemic of Non-Communicable Diseases”. Under this session, Dr. Sushma Katkuri first spoke on the rising epidemiologic burden of Diabetes. Dr. C.T.Anitha from the University of Hyderabad delivered her talk next on Malnutrition and Food Safety.  Following this, Prof. Parveen Jahan former Dean of the Maulana Azad National Urdu University, delivered her talk on ‘Chronic Kidney Diseases-should we be concerned?’. This was succeeded by Prof. Sheela Suryanarayanan’s talk on Occupational diseases – Respiratory diseases – the role of social determinants of health. The session ended with Dr. Padmaja G’s deliberation on Mental Health.

The third session was on “Bench to Bedside Research”, which saw Prof. Anand K. Kondapi, UoH who threw light on the advances in drug development through Nanotechnology. Prof. Geeta K. Vemuganti presented on Stem cells and Regenerative medicine: the challenges and opportunities. She was followed by the deliberation from Dr. Marina Rajadurai from DRILS on Biosensors: what’s new. Dr. Pankaj Singh followed her and spoke on Parkinson’s disease in the era of omics. Towards the end of the session, Dr. Sudha Murthy, Director (clinical support) of Datar Cancer Genetics delivered her talk on Translating research from Bench to Bedside – Personalized Medicine.

The last session was on translation from “Bedside to Brass tacks”.  Prof. P. Reddanna discussed the various challenges in zoonotics diseases and Dr. Nooruddin Khan discussed the challenges faced in vaccine development and clinical trials. He was followed by Dr. G. Taru Sharma who spoke on the concept of “One Health”. Prof. B. R. Shamanna then threw light on the perspectives of Health Technology Assessment. Towards the end of the session, Prof. Aravind Susarla delivered his talk on Disaster Management – preparedness and response.

ESI-MCH through Dr. Sushma Katkuri – HoD of Community Medicine and her team and Prof. Geeta Vemuganti of SoMSc, UoH and her team developed the day’s programme which provided a life cycle overview of the translational research perspective. Close to 160 participants attended the sessions that ended later in the evening.