A book titled “Essays in Celebrity Culture” by Prof. Pramod K Nayar, Professor at the Department of English, University of Hyderabad has been recently published by the Anthem Press.

Prof. Pramod K Nayar

 Essays in Celebrity Culture is a full-length study of Indian celebrity culture, including fandom, celebrity philanthropy and celebrity activism, which are established features of life today and which constitute a major component of pop culture’s coverage of sports/film stars. The collection moves from the largest domain of celebrity culture in India – Bollywood – through celebrity life writing and biopics and, finally, to the politics of and by celebrity culture. The book begins with an exploration of films made around women celebrity victims and goes on to show how the vernacular cosmopolitanism of philanthropic and humanitarian work. Later essays in the volume at the intersection of celebritydom and celebrity politics, from River Narmada as celebrity through Arundhati Roy, the desecration of statues to online self-fashioning by Indian writers.

Advance Praise for the book:

‘Pramod Nayar has built up an extensive body of work on Indian celebrity, as this vivid and wide-ranging volume showcases so well. The book is an important and engaging contribution to the transnational field of celebrity studies.’

Professor Jo Littler, City, University of London, UK.

‘In this outstanding collection of essays, Pramod K. Nayar explores both the molecular and cosmic reach of stardom and celebrity as it travels across Indian art and culture. Addressing film, literature, biography and the social media, Nayar writes with eloquence, analytical power, as he explores modern India through the arteries and veins of fame.’ 

— Professor Sean Redmond, founding editor of the journal Celebrity Studies

More information about the book at: https://anthempress.com/humanities-literature-and-arts/essays-in-celebrity-culture-epub

More about Prof. Pramod K Nayar at: https://soh.uohyd.ac.in/english/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2021/02/PKN-Webpage-1.pdf