ET NOW, India’s No.1 Business News channel is launching an inspiring TV competition series which salutes and celebrates the spirit of innovation among college students and puts them in the driver’s seat in shaping the country’s future.


In this series, students will address the critical challenges facing a growing India in key sectors through their innovations and solutions which strive to unlock the power of zero to deliver maximum growth at zero cost. Can we feed an exponentially growing Indian population to achieve zero hunger? Can we electrify the lives of millions without having a devastating impact on our environment? Can we sustainably—and responsibly—build the infrastructure that we need without compromising the environment and safety of inhabitants?

This series called The Power of Shunya: Challenge for Zero, is sponsored by DuPont and developed by ET NOW.


The channel had its interaction with the students on 23rd July 2013 at the DST Auditorium. The students can log on to and see the requirements for taking part in the challenge. In case of any queries they may also mail to

They are looking for the best minds and innovations from India’s premier science, technology and engineering colleges.

Looking for scientific innovations that fit the selection criteria as mentioned below:

1. The product should be tangible, prototyped and in a working state

2. Innovation should contribute to ‘shunya’ footprint in a pronounced way (i.e., sustainable)

3. Area of impact should pertain to one of these 4 broad categories:

 a. Energy b. Agriculture/ Food c. Safety/ Sustainability d. Infrastructure

The innovations will be judged by an eminent jury on the following parameters:

  1. Impact
  2. Reach
  3. Commercial viability
  4. Originality of thought

There will be 8 preliminary Rounds, 3 Teams in each round and 1 Grand Finale Round, consisting of top 3 scoring Teams in the Leader Board. The final 24 contestants will be flown to Delhi for a week to participate in the panel presentations.

 The Challenge for Zero winners will be awarded as follows, so what are you waiting for?

 1st prize: INR 1,000,000 and a paid experience to DuPont HQ for 2

2nd prize: INR 500,000 and a paid experience to DuPont India for 2

 3rd prize: INR 250,000 and a paid experience to DuPont India for 2