The students of Political Science Department at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) strongly believe that Ethnic Diversity adds richness to the campus and towards this they organized the Ethnic Day on 21st October 2014.


The main theme of the event was “Celebrating the Diversity”. The message of the celebration was to respect the traditions and recognize the culture of students from the various parts of India. UoH being the hub for higher education in the country attracts students from different states, languages, cultures and traditions. Hence in order to depict various traditions and cultures this event was organised at the Gurbaksh Singh Maidan.


As part of this students of Social Sciences attended the morning and afternoon session classes in the Ethnic wear. Later in the evening various cultural activities and dances from different parts of India – Bengali, Kerala, Telengana (Bathukamma) etc were showcased.


A Folk dance, performance on musical instrument, songs of different languages and cultures were also performed by the students of the University. This was followed by a DJ programme allowing all to shake a leg.


Overall it was a wonderful experience for the students for such an event was being organized for the first time. This event brings in hope of enriching the culture and “Unity in Diversity” on the campus.


For any further details kindly contact the organizers:

G. Kiran Kumar, 2nd year Political Science Department, Mbl- 9052215624

Rachana Lakshman, 2nd year Political Science Department, Mbl- 9008006420