Murali Basa, a research scholar in Theatre Arts at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been selected as Assistant Professor in Drama in the Department of Theatre Arts in Assam University.

Murali Basa has done his Post Graduation in Theatre Arts from University of Hyderabad. He worked for creative productions like ‘Oorubhangam’, ‘Alberts Bridge’, ’30 days in September’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘Antigone’, ‘Roop aroop’, ‘Param Purush’, ‘Evam Inderjit’, and some other traditional Choregraphy works with eminent directors like Prof. Ramanujun, Prof. Mohan Maharshi, Prof Jane Collins, Satyabrata Rout, Bapi Bose, Tripurari Sharma, Bhikshu, and Rajiv Velicheti.

He worked as Production Assistant and Lighting Designer at Bhoomika Creative Dance Centre, Delhi. He has done his internship as an Audio Digitizer at AIIS, Gurgaon. He is currently a research scholar in theatre arts at UoH with a junior research fellowship from Govt. of India. His specialisation in practice is lighting and direction and his research topic is on the digital arts and performance in Indian context. His effort is to explore the interwoven relationship between the live and digital images in performance in the backdrop of changing paradigms in performance making and reception in globalised cultural environment focussing on Indian contemporary modern performances. He has also visited University of Arts, London as part of UKIERI project.