On 4th of May, the founders of Nischaya Civil Services Society, Mr. Abhigyan Ranjan (MA sociology) and Ms. Abhidha Anil (MA Economics) were felicitated for their invaluable contribution in the making of the society. The society recognised their unparalleled role in smooth conduct of around 40 events featuring eminent bureaucrats and CSE toppers in the last two and a half year. The ceremony was organised in the esteemed presence of Sidharth Ramkumar (AIR 4, CSE 2023) and Chandana Jahnavi (AIR 50, CSE 2023).

Mr. Abhigyan Ranjan, who has also served as the co-ordinator since the inception of the society, outlined his experience and challanges of setting up the foundation of the most vibrant academic society in the university. He recalled the very idea of ‘Nischaya’ coming to his mind during his days of study in college of Integrated studies (CIS) which was taken up further to the authorities. He mentioned that the successful journey of the society is entrenched in the tireless work put up by the members of the organising team who gets recruited every academic session through an interview. He further credited the academic fraternity including the Vice-chancellor, the mentor of the society, and the faculty co-ordinator for their pivotal support and guidance at different juncture.

Ms. Abhidha Anil, who worked as the head of the graphics & design, was appreciated for carrying out her duty and being a strong pillar to the society from the very beginning. She shared her experience of interacting with numerous bureaucrats and extended her best wishes to the team members in a post-event meeting.

Dr. Krishna Reddy Chittedi, further, applauded them for their commendable work and creating a positive ambience for civil services aspirants through number of programmes.