“Mr. Sagara N.S Gurusinghe from Sri Lanka, International ex-M.Sc student of Department of Biochemistry, has published a first-author paper entitled “Glucose-regulated protein 78 substrate-binding domain alters its conformation upon EGCG inhibitor binding to nucleotide-binding domain: Molecular dynamics studies” in peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports from Nature Publishing Group. It is published from his project research work done with Dr. Seema Mishra, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry.

This is the second ever first-author paper from an M.Sc student of Biochemistry Department (perhaps at School of Life Sciences level also) and an International one at that. Previously, another M.Sc research paper, with Ms. Rituparna as first author, was published in peer-reviewed Journal of Molecular Modeling (Springer Publishers). This paper from an M.Sc student as first author is the first ever at Department level and possibly also at School level and too came out of research work done at Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Laboratory of Dr. Seema Mishra. Ms. Rituparna has also won three Gold medals in her M.Sc course.”


Contributed by Dr. Seema Mishra