On the auspicious occasion of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanthi on 14/04/2023, Mr. P Nikhil Kumar, IMA 5th year student of Sociology has represented the University of Hyderabad to pay Floral Tributes at the Parliament.

P Nikhil Kumar

The highlight of the day was the tribute paid to Dr. B. R Ambedkar, the Father of the Indian Constitution, on his birth anniversary. The elected representatives along with the speaker of the house paid homage to Dr. Ambedkar and remembered his efforts in the drafting of the Constitution. Dr. Ambedkar was a visionary leader who strived for equality and social justice for all. His contributions to the Indian Constitution, which is the backbone of our democracy, cannot be undermined.

Mr. Nikhil feels that the visit to Parliament was an eye-opener for him. It gave him a glimpse into the spirit of the Indian constitution and its role in mediating the Unity and diversity of the Nation. He also feels that visiting the Parliament was motivating; he says that visiting Parliament on Ambedkar Jayanthi was an inspiring experience. It allowed him to have a deeper understanding of the essence of democracy and the role of Parliament in shaping the future of our country. He feels that he came back with a renewed sense of pride in our Constitution and the vision of the Constitutional drafting committing who worked tirelessly to ensure a better future for all. He thanks the University of Hyderabad for giving him a chance to pay tribute to the father of the Indian constitution.