Creativity, passion and the urge for expression and exploration are essential human qualities that inspire science, the arts, and the humanities, and thus constitute a common bond among them. As a matter of fact, the interface between science and Humanities is essential in addressing many problems which humanity is facing now. When there is a proper interface between science and humanity people can value, appreciate and enjoy science without a deep understanding of specific details, just as they can appreciate music without a specialized knowledge of music theory or appreciate literature, the theater and the visual arts without being experts in those fields. University expects a huge spurt in student and faculty conducting interdisciplinary research in coming years and accordingly plans to develop office space to meet this requirement. This space will mainly be used to promote and develop interdisciplinary perspectives, address challenges through interdisciplinary lens and inculcate habits of collaboration among Science and Humanities. Through such an exercise the faculty help to shape social and environmental policy, generate interdisciplinary pedagogic content and push community level social change. To facilitate intense interactions and interface, the University proposes to add a total of 24556 built up space in a span of three years.



The Foundation Stone for the new building of Inter Disciplinary Centre was laid by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. B J Rao on March 14, 2023 at East Campus near TNGOs colony in the presence of Dr. Devesh Nigam, Registrar; Dr. I Lokanandha Reddy, Finance Officer, Prof. Ghanshyam Krishna, Director-IoE; Shri DVN Raju, Incharge UE; faculty, officers and staff. This centre will be built at a cost of Rs:116 crores from the IoE funds. M/s Parma Infra Ltd. has been awarded the contract to build the centre.