A get-together of Mizo students from University of Hyderabad (UoH) was held at Red Pepper in Aizawl on 2nd June 2018. Many students (both existing and passed out from UoH) were able to attend the gathering. Prof. Phanindra Goyari (School of Economics) and Mr. Ashish Jacob Thomas, PRO, who were in Aizawl for official duties, were also invited and attended the gathering as special guests.

Mr. Lalzarzoa (PhD scholar from History), who is currently teaching at Pachhunga University College, was the coordinator for this year’s UoH Mizo Students’ get-together. He gave a brief report on the activities of the alumni which include several academic and professional development initiatives for future prospective students. In his report, he mentioned successful Mizo students from UoH. It is of immense pride that many of these successful Mizo students are now working as Assistant Professors, Managers and Officers in various top institutions including Mizoram Central University, Pachhunga University College, Government Aizawl North College, Aizawl Government College, Mizoram State Legislative Assembly Secretariat etc. Its members are more successful as a whole compared to others from different universities. Due to this success rate, UoH currently enjoys a prestigious reputation among the Mizo community. The Mizo Alumni of UoH has a WhatsApp group through which members get many updates of its activities and discussions on current events taking place. This type of get-together is held annually. However, presence of two officials from UoH made this year’s meeting more special.

Mizo 3

In the gathering, Prof. Goyari and Mr. Thomas expressed their immense happiness in visiting Aizawl city and meeting Mizo students from UoH. Both of them delivered brief motivational speech on academic and professional development of students of Mizoram (and North East India) vis-a-vis rest of India.

Members present in the gathering shared various sweet memories and experiences of UoH. One of the alumni, Dr. Vanlalhruaia, currently Assistant Professor of Government Aizawl North College, reminisced about his time at his Alma Mater and shared the wide range of knowledge he has acquired through all his years of studying at UoH. Another alumnus, Dr. Malsawmdawngliana, who has worked at various institutions in the country in various positions, apprised the group on the advantages that UoH has over other institutions especially in the level of research and higher education. He said that more Mizo students should make use of such positive advantages.

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The get together function ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Malsawmdawngliana and it was followed by a dinner.

Compiled by Dr. Malsawmdawngliana and Lalzarzoa