The Centre for Study of Foreign Languages (CSFL), University of Hyderabad organized the Foundation Day Lecture 2018 on 2nd April 2018. CSFL has been organizing this lecture for the last eight years. This year Lecture on “Marketability and Employability of Foreign Languages in India” was delivered by Prof. Nirupama Rastogi, Retd. Professor of French, EFLU, Hyderabad. She outlined the significance of learning Foreign Languages in Indian context. She also highlighted the employability opportunities for Foreign Languages in the background of India’s growing engagement in the world’s affairs. She mentioned that Foreign Languages in India have good marketability in industries, tourism, education, medicine, IT etc.

Mr. Ranjeeva Ranjan welcomed and introduced the Guest speaker. Prof. J Prabhakara Rao, Head of the Centre, briefly spoke on the activities of the Centre. The students from different foreign languages attended the lecture.