Phase I of Project Akshara, an initiative of Samvedhna, the Social Service and Eco Club of the Young Economist School (YES) came to a close on Sunday, 03rdMarch 2013 with a Grand Finale programme held at DST Auditorium, University of Hyderabad.

_MG_2616The Grand Finale began by a cake cutting ceremony by the children and pioneers. The programme was inaugurated by Prof.Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad. With every child of the Government Primary School, Gopanpally Village and Gopanpally Thanda performing on stage, the programme turned out to be a dream come true for the parents.

DSC_0050Dr.Anupama of the School of Computer Sciences exhorted the parents on the need for primary education. Teach for India, whose vision served as an inspiration for initiating Project Akshara was represented by Mr.Sriram and Ms.Pavitra. Dr.K.Laxminarayana of the School of Economics who has been guiding the team through the project, appreciated the team and read out a memorandum signed by pioneers and parents on the requirements in each of the two schools which are to be guaranteed by RTE Act.

_MG_2663The programme ended with the team declaring their desire to register Samvedhna  as an independent NGO as a gift from the recently revived Young Economist School to the University of Hyderabad and to the nation.



All the pioneers expressed their happiness and consider it a privilege for being a part of Project Akshara, initiated by Samvedhna of YES. Sahil Chopra, MA Economics “Even when we go after a day’s classes at the University, the enthusiasm and eagerness in the children gives us a lot of positive energy. The best part was that I could see myself as a child in them. I don’t call it a selfless work. It was selfish indeed because I derived a lot of pleasure teaching them and seeing that they learnt what I taught.”  Hokato Aowmi, MA History says “It takes a lot of effort and patience on part of the pioneers but the kids have improved a lot and it is encouraging to see them speak in reasonably good English. When the session got over, it was difficult to ascertain who was happier – the kids or I?”. Sarah Wheeler, a Study India Program (SIP) student says “Children were very excitable, eager to participate and friendly. It was my first visit and they were all able to introduce themselves to me in English. They wrote down the new words, participated in the games and most students were willing to answer direct questions in English”.

DSC_0290Dr. Laxminarayan who has been guiding Project Akshara throughout says “I salute the members of the YES Samvedhna Team for developing an extremely good model. This must be the first time any Central University has taken up something of this sort.I appreciate the members who have been spending day and night in developing the course structure for the programme. Every Central University in the country should replicate this model of Project Akshara”.