The University of Hyderabad (UoH) started its journey four decades ago in a building designated as “The Golden Threshold” (GT) bequeathed by Sarojini Naidu’s family. In her honour the UoH has named its Fine Arts and Communication School as the Sarojini Naidu School. It is the only School that has an individual name in it.

Today UoH is one of the top-ranking Universities with an excellent track record. The UoH attaches a lot of significance to the GT, which now has a heritage building status. All these years, the University has carefully protected this heritage building. GT has facilities to house several different cultural activities. University has announced its plans to improve its GT campus in the city with a view to establishing a cultural hub right in the heart of the city. As part of social and cultural responsibility, the University plans to renovate the GT to facilitate several cultural activities on its city campus on a regular basis. The University intends to promote the art and culture through this cultural hub. It plans to work with Government of Telangana in promoting the cultural activities on a regular basis.


The University’s plan is to provide and create space for art exhibition, a small museum of performing arts and facilitation of performances. This was announced at the Natraj Ramakrishna (NRK) Memorial Lecture held recently at the UoH. An eminent danseuse and cultural historian, Dr. Padma Subramanyam, delivered this year’s NRK memorial lecture. Recalling the significant contributions of NRK as he was known, she acknowledged his versatility in Perini. She further elaborated on Bharata’s Natya Sastra and his rasa concept. This was followed by a video demonstration of a performance.

The University is keen to preserve the art and culture and believes that creating a cultural hub in the heart of the city would provide alternate platforms for artists in the newly-formed Telangana State.