Eminent faculty of University of Hyderabad (UoH), Prof R.K. Mishra of Centre for Neural and Cognitive sciences has been appointed recently as co-editor in chief for “Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science” with other two distinguished Professors F. Huettig, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, The Netherlands, and P. Padakannaya, University of Mysore.

In the fast moving era with focus on science, social science and humanities the aroma of cognitive science has spread itself showcasing its vibrancy. Cognitive science being the interdisciplinary, scientific study of the mind and its processes it examines the nature, the tasks, and the functions of cognition. Cognitive scientists study intelligence and behaviour, with a focus on how nervous systems represent, process, and transform information.

Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science gives a treat as it goes on to cover major topics related to cognition, culture, and brain and also the interface of these broad subjects. The major research area that the journal spans are Cognitive Science, including Psychology, Cognitive Neurosciences, Linguistics, Computational modelling, Anthropology and more.

The journal brings about both rigorous research articles, and thought provoking theoretical articles. It also covers cognition, culture, brain their interface, probing such processes as attention, perception, language, memory, and decision making as well as current trend in Anthropology, Education and Artificial Intelligence.

On behalf of University of Hyderabad family we congratulate Prof R.K. Mishra for his work and wish him good luck for his future endeavours.

By Jaagrithi D, Department of Communication