Prof Henrick Rudoplph, the Editor in Chief of Applied Surface Science Journal (Elsevier) delivered a talk on “How to successfully contribute to the world of Scientific publication: A guide for the aspiring author” on February 2, 2024. The event took place in the Seminar Hall of School of Engineering Science and Technology and was presided over by Prof. Samrat L Sabat, Director of the R&D Cell. The Research & Development Cell (RDC) and Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) collaborated to host the talk on campus.

During his lecture, Prof Rudolph provided insights into the publication cycle including the journal metrics and how to select appropriate journal of the work. He explained the different steps and order in writing a high impact scientific manuscript. He also emphasised on the need of Research for sustainability.

He delivered another talk Open Science: Science or Fiction? Where he explained the difference between Open Science and Open Access and elaborated on the different aspects of both. It was resided over by Prof V.V.S.S. Srikanth, School of Engineering Science and Technology. The talks were attended by the faculty members and Research Scholars from different disciplines and rated it as an excellent learning experience.

Henrik Rudolph (Frederiksberg 1958) received a BA in Chemistry and a MSc in Physics from the University of Copenhagen and subsequently obtained a PhD from California Institute of Technology (USA). In 1990 he joined Utrecht University (the Netherlands) as an associate professor of physics and in 2001 he became full professor in atomic and molecular physics. Since 2012 he is employed by the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands. He is at this point of time emeritus. His research interests include plasma surface interactions, functionalisation of surfaces as well as detailed chemical reactions at surfaces.