The 21-day In-service training program for UH Campus school teachers, scheduled from 14.09.2021 to 04.10.2021, being organized by the Department of Education and Education Technology (DEET), School of Social Sciences (SSS), UoH has started on 14.09.2021 and inaugurated by the Honourable Vice-Chancellor, UoH in the SSS Conference hall.

At the outset, Dr.T.Sumalini, Asst. Prof. DEET,  Coordinator of the Program, welcomed the participants in this inaugural function of the 21-day In-Service Training Program and introduced the Honourable Vice-Chancellor, UoH, Prof. Basuthkar Jagadesshwar Rao and briefed them about the structure and content of the Program.

Prof. V. Sudhakar, Retd Professor, EFLU, Hyderabad, was the Guest of honour and the day’s keynote speaker. 

Others who were present on the occasion were:

Prof. Y.Sudhakar Reddy, Dean, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad.

Dr.Madhusudan J.V, Head, DEET, SSS, UoH & Co- Chairman UH Campus School

Prof.V.S.Nageswara Rao, Chairman UH Campus School & Professor, Centre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology, School of Physics, UoH.

Prof Bhuvanesawra Lakshmi, former HoD, DEET.

Dr.A.S.Jalandharachari, Asst. Prof. DEET Program Coordinator 2

Dr.Krishnaiah, Asst.Prof. DEET

Dr.Geeta Gopinath, Asst. Prof. DEET

Shri.P.Murali, Principal I/C, UHCS and the trainee participants were present on the occasion.

All the dignitaries were felicitated during the program.

In his opening remarks, the Honourable Vice-Chancellor stated that he is pleased to get associated with the Program.

He said that when teachers work for the system, not only the system but society also will strive to take care of the interests of the teachers. Teachers have to create inquisitiveness and inspire the students to keep thinking beyond classroom learning. To kindle the inquisitiveness, the teacher should be passionate about creating hunger among the learners and making them restless to know more on their own, beyond the classroom and make them learn willingly with passion.

He also stated that we all should work for the system, and in the process, the system will identify the contributors on its own and reward, as everything is available for everybody and advised to contribute towards non-worldly reasons.

He also said there is a dearth of really skilled and highly talented hands in India and the schools. Colleges and Universities should strive and bring out highly talented people so that, in turn, their contribution to society will have avalanche multiplication. Wise minds with values will continuously strengthen the system.

Advised to unlearn the past, learn new skills and updates, read E-books and follow the relevant aspects in National Education Policy 2020.

Honourable Vice-Chancellor gave the mobiles/ tabs provided by the alumni of the UHCS to the parents of the students who are unable to join the online classes for want of gadgets, and everyone appreciated the alumnus for contributing to a good cause.

Through an anecdote, Prof. Y. Sudhakar Reddy, Dean School of Social Sciences, clarified how important it is to update our knowledge and skills, failing how we perish. Updating is a continuous process, and teachers should be ever learners to meet the demands of the fast-growing needs of the students. Teachers need to motivate the students to acquire the skills and talent required for society.

Prof.S V.S.Nageswararao, Chairman, SMC, emphasized the need for this Program and appreciated this initiative of the Department of Education and Education Technology, UoH in this regard.

Dr.A.S.Jalandharachari, Program Coordinator 2, briefed about objectives of the Program

Mr.P.Murali, Principal I/C, thanked the Honourable vice-chancellor and the Faculty of the DEET for bringing out the training program. 

Dr.Madhusudan J.V, Head, , DEET, SSS, UoH, explained about code of conduct during the Program. Introduced the Guest of honour Prof. V. Sudhakar, Retd Professor, EFLU, Hyd and facilitated.

Prof. V. Sudhakar, Retd Professor, EFLU, Hyderabad. Guest of honour and the days speaker has given a holistic insight into the teaching-learning process, the greatness of our Indian education system and values and how the eurocentric western system and corporate is looking at this. Our Indian system looks at it as very holistic, not like a teacher as a just facilitator. Our ancient system contributes towards holistic development imbibing moral, ethical, intellectual requirements. He also stated that one should understand the market economy and also contribute to aesthetic and emotional requirements.

The need of focusing on history was explained and stated that science and religion work together. Input, output model of education was discussed, and changes that occurred after 1990 in India with respect to HR development, Global business and language development were highlighted.

He concluded by saying that teaching is a spiritual and broader process to transmit knowledge. The role of the teacher is that of all-encompassing professional support. He is not just a facilitator like a technological instrument, and the teacher has the role far overreaching moral and ethical domains.

Some brief question and answer followed the session.

Dr.A.S.Jalandharachari, Program Coordinator 2 proposed a vote of thanks and followed by a high tea to the gathering.