Transcell Oncologics Pvt Ltd, a start-up at ASPIRE- Technology Business Incubator (ASPIRE-TBI), University of Hyderabad, is a next generation advancedresearch-based company in the Adult Stem Cells Technology domain. This tech-based start-up has raised 3 Million USD funding from Indian Angel network, and established a classified testing as well commercial facility at Pragathinagar Hyderabad.

The new facility was inaugurated by Prof. B.J. Rao, Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad on 24th September 2021, Hyderabad. Prof. Rao expressed his happiness at the progress made by the Transcell Oncologics to reach the commercial stage. The current technologies developed by the start-up have enormous scope in treatment of various complex undruggable disorders/diseases. He also wished that the umbilical connection between the University of Hyderabad and Transcell may translate the current cell therapy technologies in to tissue therapy models in future.   The inaugural function was graced by Prof. Ajit Ragnekar, Prof. G.S Prasad, Prof. Reddanna, Prof. Lalitha, Prof. Yogeswara Rao, Dr. Ramakrishna and Dr. Leela Krishna and other eminent scientists and clinicians in the city.

Through its proprietary Biobox platform, TranscellOncologics, (, is committed to finding options for cure of complex cancers by challenging with chemical toolbox. Oncologics through it’s extensive R&D efforts has developed an enviable asset portfolio of “Human Surrogate in vitro systems”, resulting in a successful product vertical providing “First-in-Class Workstation Solutions” as more effective and efficient alternativesto the traditional Safety Efficacy testing strategies for vaccines, drugs and cosmetics global industry.

The workstation ( vertical which is offered as a SETaaS – Safety Efficacy Testing Solution, recently got a major endorsement and validation. This has resulted in an agreement to partner with global major combining our expertise in Stem cell Technology with their recognised capabilities in AI and ML to create new league of platform based strategies.The first joint offering NeuroSAFE is ready to be offered to the main vaccine and pharma companies globally.

Transcell Oncologics is also offering a host of Stem Cells based solutions for advanced HSCT procedures, under the brand name “HEMATO” ( to the Hematologists, Oncologists and Transfusion Medicine Specialists, across the country, for treatment of cancer patients. One of HEMATO residing new solutions (UC-MSCs) for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (in Covid-19) is ready to go for a limited clinical trials once the necessary regulatory permissions are obtained from the concerned authorities.

Dr Subhadra Dravida, Founder CEO said,

“We are heading towards reaching the markets with value offerings developed that are backed by in-house R&D and unwavering sense of purpose. This strengthened classified lab facility is to offer productized solutions with high degree of precision and quality. We have great story going forward with several first-in-class offerings in pipeline to the targeted global industry and patients in India. She thanked University of Hyderabad, Technology Business Incubator for excellent support since inception of the start-up.

Mr Uday Chatterjee, Lead IAN Investorsaid:

“We are fully committed to hold Transcell realizing it’s vision while supporting the really great IP, innovation, science and traction created to help them on their great journey!