The University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been ranked 3rd among India’s public Universities by India Today in its new rankings, through a survey conducted by the Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA). It examined Universities in four streams, general (arts, science and commerce), technical, medical and legal. Universities that offer postgraduate courses in these streams were considered. The survey, with a list of more than 1000 universities, included 135 “institutes of national importance”.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. B J Rao said: “It is wonderful to see the University retaining its position in such rankings. I am confident that we will be able to improve on our already remarkable rankings.  As  an Institution of Eminence, UoH will continue to focus on providing quality education and research that will propel us into the league of the best Universities in the World.” Prof Rao also noted that such rankings enable our students, our primary stakeholders, to be much sought-after by employers and funding agencies.

The methodology by MDRA has set several milestones. In order to create an objective ranking system, MDRA carefully fine-tuned 120-plus attributes to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons of universities. These performance indicators were clubbed into five broad parameters, reputation & governance, academic & research excellence, infrastructure & living experience, personality & leadership development and career progression and placement. Perceptual survey was carried out among well-informed 369 respondents (34 V-Cs, 87 directors/ deans/ registrars, 248 senior faculty (professors)/ Heads across 30 cities.

130 Universities were eventually ranked through this process. National and zonal rankings were taken from their respective field of experience. Universities were also rated on a 10-point rating scale on each of the five key parameters.