Subhas Yadav, a PhD graduate from Centre for Comparative Literature in 2021 and guest faculty at the same centre during 2021-2022, is the founder of and editor of Revista SpanishBOLO (ISSN: 2582 9262), India’s first and only Spanish language magazine of such kind, which recently published its third volume (available on 

A hispanist by training, he has dedicated himself to Spanish language teaching in India, translation from Spanish to Hindi, reception studies on Indo-Hispanic themes, e.g., Neruda, Octavia Paz and García Márquez reception in India and the like. He concluded his PhD project on a comparative study of the short fiction of García Márquez, the Colombian Nobel laureate and Uday Prakash, a Hindi writer. Perhaps a first of its kind thesis work written in English with original sources consulted in Spanish and Hindi languages. 

SpanishBOLO magazine is of semi-academic nature and strives to bring India and the Spanish-speaking world closer. In the future he expects to see more entries in the section la Ventana Indo-Hispana (the Indo-hispanic window) from across India that contains translation from Spanish into Indian languages and vice versa. 

He cherishes his memories at the UoH campuses, and thanks his teachers, staff, friends and the unique and nurturing vibe of the university that helped him to gestate the ideas for the magazine, while staying briefly at NRS (Annex). 

This magazine is a creative commons licensed publication and it is free to use and distribute for non-commercial purposes. Furthermore, he also hopes to see more entries from the students of the University of Hyderabad, as the magazine accepts entries on poetry, fiction, photography and drawings, articles on language teaching, translation and comparative literary studies focusing on indo-hispanic themes.